Treating Inflammation with Ghee

In Ayurveda ghee is used to treat pitta (fire) imbalances, which often manifest as inflammation in the body.   Today I have a story for you that you may find shocking.

Written in “The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs” (p. 53) the author, Khalsa who is also an herbalist, nutritionist, yoga teacher and educator writes: ” I remember a client of mine, an extreme pitta (“fire”) type, who at age fifty, the prime of high pitta midlife, was a walking ball of inflammation from accumulated past athletic injuries.  Every joint, every muscle was sore.  He undertook to use ghee to treat his condition.  After working up to one cup (!) of ghee per day, his inflammation was completely under control.  Much to my surprise, he gained not one pound, and his cholesterol went down, not up.  Same for triglycerides.”

I am not surprised that the client did not gain weight nor that his cholesterol and triglyceride levels went down.  What surprises me is that someone in the West would actually take to eating a cup of ghee a day (especially a 50-year old man worried about cholesterol and staying lean!).  I think that is wonderful and awesome.  And what a testament to what modern science has been showing us about healthy saturated short chain fatty acid fats.  They are necessary and actually help keep the body lean by giving us proper energy through keeping a slightly higher body temperature increasing energy expenditure.

Eat Ghee!! – Stay healthy!!

Om Shanti

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