About Us

Mama Sattva ghee is made with Love under the Full Moon each month with gem stones to amplify the healing intention at a slow and gentle extraction of all lactose, casein and protein solids.  We use only the best ingredients to produce our fine cultured ghee for customers who care about quality!  The end result is pure liquid gold that lasts for many years, being completely shelf-stable.

Our ghee comes from 100% pasture-raised, cultured, organic cow-butter.  

We remove all the 'dairy'; what is left is just the oil part of the butter.  Some people call it 'condensed butter oil'.  There are no dairy particles present.  You can cook, fry, saute up to 485 degrees F.  The ghee adds so much flavor and nutritional value to all of your food.  The ghee will make all of your food taste great!

Ghee is the safest oil to cook with as it can handle such a high smoke point.  Because of the short-chain nature of the butter oil, the ghee maintains its 'structure' when heated, meaning it does not breakdown, oxidize as other (medium and long-chain oils do) or turn into a trans fat.  Ghee is very "stable" (It maintains it's integrity.)

Ghee is incredibly healing to all systems of the body.  We love making ghee because of this.

Making fine cultured ghee for healing the planetary mind is our passion.  We believe that ghee helps decalcify the pineal gland, amongst a host of other health benefits for the mind and body. We feel blessed to be able to make such high quality ghee for you and your family!

Thank you for all the support and business since 2012!  We are proud to make and deliver the finest quality ghee on the market.

Each batch has a specific mantra, mandala and gem stone based on a specific healing intention! 

If you are interested in knowing more, you are welcome to get in touch. (see the contact page).