Mama Sattva’s Ghee

David Frawley is the author of over twenty books on the spiritual wisdom of India where he is recognized as a Pandit and a Vedic teacher.  I admire and follow his teachings.  In his book ‘The Yoga of Herbs’, co-authored by Dr. Vasant Lad, he writes about the benefits of ghee.  He says:

“Ghee enhances Ojas, the subtle essence of all tissues.  It increases Agni (and all the agnis), and all digestive energies and enzymes of the  body.  It promotes Jatharagni, the digestive fire dwelling in the small intestine, increasing its capacity without aggravating Pitta.  It promotes the bhutagnis, the elemental fires which dwell in the liver and govern the transformation of food in the body.  It does not clog the liver, as do other oils and fats, but strengthens it.

It is food for majja-dhatu, bone marrow and nerve tissue, and feeds the brain.  Promoting Ojas, ghee promotes all the subtle tissues of the body, including shukra-dhatu, the reproductive tissues.  Through Ojas it gives sustenance to Tejas, the fire of the mind, and thus promotes medhagni, the flame of intelligence and perception.  As such, it is an important rejuvenative tonic or rasayana for the mind, the brain and the nervous system.  It is good for Vata and Pitta doshas. “

Click here for a great ‘Kitchari’ recipe using ghee.


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