Making the purest, most delicious ghee

I have to say, making the purest, most delicious ghee includes many variables, but the most important element is our gracious, beautiful cows. Mama Sattva and Malani Reverence to the cows!! So Sattvic! Behold the holy cow bestows her gifts on us daily. Thank you cows. I love you. Thank you for giving us your milk so we can turn it in to fine ghee! 🙂
Om Shanti,
Mama Sattva

About indya

Mama Sattva Ghee is made in small batches each month in Chico, Ca under the full moon with the intention to manifest into creation the highest vibrational golden goodness to bring about optimal healing to all who eat of it. Mama Sattva Ghee uses the most delicious pasture-raised, organic, cultured butter from Northern California dairies, and keeps the temperature at an optimal low (under 118 degrees F) to ensure all the life-giving properties remain fully intact. Mama Sattva ghee does not need to be refrigerated and is guaranteed to be deliciously awesome! - See more at:
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