Is ghee better than butter?

  One of the questions I get asked a lot, especially by people first being introduced to ghee is, “Is ghee better than butter”?

Here is what I say: Butter is great for you too!  It is loaded with antioxidants and has lots of vitamin A.  Butter is considered to have cold and heavy properties, while ghee is light and warming.  Because steady and low heat has been applied to the ghee carefully for a sustained amount of time, it changes the properties from butter into ghee to become uplifting, detoxifying, and purifying for the physical and mental sheath of the body.  It counters the affects of stress and is very calming to the mind and body.

However; if you are not ready to switch to ghee, don’t quit eating your butter (organic and of good quality of course).   The big difference is,  you can’t really cook with butter, at least not at higher temps.  If you are after the buttery, delicious flavor in your food, it often needs to be cooked at a higher temperature than butter can withstand.  Butter falls apart at a very low temp (about 110 degrees) and is easy to burn.  This is due to the milk solids, lactose and casein proteins in the butter.

Since all of the milk solids and lactose have been completely removed from the ghee, it will not burn or break down up to 485 degrees.!!  That’s incredibly hot!  Ghee has nearly a 500 degree smoke point!!  No other oil known (except coconut oil – which has different properties) can safely be heated to that extreme temp.  The molecular structure of the fatty acid chains in ghee at that high temperature stays in tact so the body can properly break it down (that’s the difference in trans fats and oils of other types that are not stable and hydrogenate at much lower temperatures.  The molecular structure changes in such a way that the body can no longer break it down; clogging the liver, creating free radicals in the body, which cause aging.)

So to recap, Ghee is superior for cooking and adds incredible flavor. It will not break down like other oils and fats, but remains stable.

The other big difference between butter and ghee, is the fact that ghee does not need to be refrigerated  and yet will NEVER go bad (up to 100 years).  In fact the longer it ages (if done properly) the more medicinal it becomes.  Once butter is transformed into ghee, it becomes medicine.  Then through the aging process more healing benefits come out in the ghee – an entirely other topic I will soon discuss with you in a blog to follow.

Much love to you all, and Happy Ghee eating!!





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Mama Sattva Ghee is made in small batches each month in Chico, Ca under the full moon with the intention to manifest into creation the highest vibrational golden goodness to bring about optimal healing to all who eat of it. Mama Sattva Ghee uses the most delicious pasture-raised, organic, cultured butter from Northern California dairies, and keeps the temperature at an optimal low (under 118 degrees F) to ensure all the life-giving properties remain fully intact. Mama Sattva ghee does not need to be refrigerated and is guaranteed to be deliciously awesome! - See more at:
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