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nakedgheeandcoffeeThe Naked Lounge just got even more Naked!!  I am pleased to say that… Mama Sattva and the Naked Lounge just got married, so to speak, and the party is going on in your latte, blended ghee drink beyond all other drinks you have yet experienced on this beautiful Earth.

Why on Earth would anyone put ghee in their coffee?…. Well for one it is delicious!  While I stood and awaited the first ever Naked Lounge custom blended breve latte with ghee, I watched them froth in 2 TBS of Mama Sattva’s Pure Liquid Gold ghee right into the half&half, steaming and blending it in to the latte.  The outcome:  a heavenly fluffy coffee flavored cloud of delicious!  That was two days ago.  I went back this morning for another and to check in on their debut weekend of coffee and ghee drinks.  The same magical drink, that blew me away again and made me want to come write this blog to share with everyone, the possibilities of adding ghee, simply into your diet, especially for those grabbing breakfast on the way to work.  Breakfast being this coffee brain fuel drink, as some from the Northern Himalayas might call it a Lassi drink….whowee!



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And secondly its good for you….

Why is ghee so good for you?….And doesn’t it clog your arteries and cause heart disease?

Survey says: Actually ghee has been shown to repair damaged cells of all types in the heart and arteries and has proven to reverse aging in test subjects by increasing their intake of antioxidants and essential fatty acids found in this type of short-chain saturated fats.  Ghee is incredible for reversing the aging process.   Follow Sally Fallon’s and Mary Enid’s work on saturated fats in the body to understand more of the science behind the facts: (

Why is ghee so good for you?

NakedloungewithMama (1)

At the Naked Lounge. Such great ambiance and smiling faces!

This is your brain on ghee!!


Believe it or not, you are getting smarter when you eat ghee!

Ghee directly feeds nerve and Brain Tissue!….Yes for real, it actually does.  It completely nourishes the neo-cortex of your brain, feeds dendrites and nerve cells, and conditions the sheaths of material around your nerve endings, called the myelin sheath.  Ghee acts as a a very light weight highly absorbable lubricant that all cells of the body love and benefit from!

LEGEND has it that the ancients revered the ghee so very much, they would say even by gazing in to the flame from a sacred ghee lantern, one could heighten their awareness through the glow, so beautiful and incomparable to any other glow.


There are such high levels of butyric acid in ghee, is what makes it such a highly medicinal food!  Butyric acid is a powerful essential fatty acid responsible for reducing inflammation in the body and directly feeding nerve and brain tissue.



Indya Gage, C.E.O. of Mama Sattva ghee company, gives samples and talks about ghee at demos grocery stores.

Here is how it works:

Butter is great for you as well.

However; butter has a very cold, dense, and heavy nature to it.

It is harder for your body to absorb the essential fatty acids from butter, because of the heavy aspects of the dairy present.

Butter is not bad for you by any means.  The key to understanding the difference between ghee and butter, is that once the heavy particle of the dairy from butter, the lactose, casein, and protein solids have been removed, what is left, just the pure oil part from the cream, which is ghee and is considered non-dairy.  The ghee is then incredibly light, warm, and with an uplifting energy to it.  Your body absorbs the ghee very easily and can quickly benefit from the multitude of essential fatty acids including palmitic acid, and CLA.  The fact that ghee is so light means it works as a carrier oil for your body to absorb any other nutrients and mineral it takes in with the ghee.  So your body can take the nutrition deep in to the tissues.  It also helps eliminate toxins out of the body.  Ghee helps improve digestion and calms your nerves.

brain-in-blue-776x415Some people even say ghee helps decalcify the pineal gland.  Speaking by personal experience I can tell you, I have seen many ghee patrons say they have much more clarity and less brain fog.  I notice if I can get a few tablespoons of ghee into my children at breakfast (in porridge is a great way!)  they seem to be calmer and clearer for being attentive and engaging in the classroom.

Please submit your comments about your personal experience using ghee regarding the way it may have positively affected your health and brain function.

Third and final reason to put ghee in your coffee, is that, while the health benefits are too many to cover in this one post, it makes you beautiful with a radiant glow….oh wait a second, you already are beautiful with a radiant glow by nature,…so, sometimes the ghee can help with that too!!

at the naked lounge

Naked Lounge ghee delivery! Ghee Fusti on display!

Love and Light everyone!!

Thanks for your love and support, always!

Enjoy the ghee!

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