Our ghee-sponsored fighter is on fire again

DavidbulletproofgheeWe love supporting good causes and staying fit!!  I love that our sponsored Athlete drinks Mama Sattva’s ghee in his coffee!!  Being strong and lean and at your optimal performance level requires having a good diet full of quality fat!!  We fuel David Mitchell, our sponsored athlete and world-class ultimate fighter with our high quality pasture-raised Jersey cow pure ghee.  Meet David and watch his video below to see how to mix up a super bomb coffee ghee drink!!  Purchase ghee in our store and follow his instructions on the youtube video: https://mamasattva.com/store/

David Mitchell will be having a go in a cage fight with Richard Blake at Gold Country Casino this Saturday evening, October 8, 2016.  I will be there cheering him on!

Come out and join the fun and soak in some inspiring high-performance Energy!  Buy Tickets: http://www.kingofthecage.com/shows_page/unchallenged/

We are giving away two tickets.  Our drawing will happen on Friday at 5pm, October 7, 2016.  You must be present at the Chico Saturday Farmer’s Market to claim the tickets.  (We will let you know the evening before.  To be entered into our drawing for the ticket give away, please go LIKE and SHARE our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mama-Sattva-Ghee-1709331899289704/

mitchelloct816In my fairly confident opinion, Mitchell will take Blake down in his signature rear naked choke hold, and bring home another victory!    I can’t wait to see it live!!


David can tell you how much he loves the ghee and you can go to this youtube link to see how he makes his favorite ghee coffee drink.

david bulletproof mitchell making coffee drink






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