Essential Fatty Acids in Ghee

Some of the fatty acids in ghee include palmitic acid, myristic acid, and lauric acid which are important for ‘stabilization processes in the body including stabilizing proteins used in the immune system and to fight tumors’.

Mary Enig Ph.D.  says, in an article appearing in the 2004 Spring issue; Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts; a publication by, “When researchers looked at the fatty acid composition of the phopholipids in the T-cells (white blood cells), from both young and old donors, they found that a loss of saturated fatty acids in the lymphocytes was responsible for age-related declines in white blood cell function.  They found that they could correct cellular deficiencies in palmitic acid and myristic acid by adding these saturated fatty acids”.

This could be why the claims made by the ancients, that ghee promotes longevity and nourishes all the subtle essences (ojas) of the body, have held true through out the ages.  Science is proving what the mystics knew by intuition and observation.  Ghee is helpful and healing to the body because of its essential fatty acids.

It is one anti-aging oil  meant to be eaten regularly.

In the same article Mary Enig  also talks about how much saturated fat should we be eating regularly.  “During the 1970’s, researchers from Canada found that animals fed rapeseed oil and canola oil developed heart lesions.  This problem was corrected when they added saturated fat to the animals diets.  On the basis of this and other research, they ultimately determined that the diet should contain at least 25 percent of fat as saturated fat.”  This is amazing information to check out if you are interested to know more about the importance of fats in the diet.

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