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“I use mama sattva ghee in my coffee every morning for the short chain fats that give me endless energy. I also cook with ghee to enhance the flavor and nutrition of my food. I love sautéing kale and cooking eggs over easy in ghee. Just add salt and pepper. Best brunch ever!”

The first time I had the pleasure of meeting David, ‘Bulletproof’ Mitchell, I was at a demo, sampling our ghee at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.  David knew what ghee was and explained how much he uses it in his diet and bought some!  He invited me to his fight, that was happening that night.

I decided to not go since I had never been exposed to MMA or UFC cage fighting, and wasn’t sure if I should expect gore and guts, potentially blood spattered, cage-side.   Making Herbal formulas infused in the ghee for David, and seeing him out shopping at the weekly Midtown Farmer’s Market in Sacramento, we  became  fast-friends and allies.

After seeing David as the Main Event in the Spring of 2014,  and watching him win his fight, I was hooked!!   The excitement, thrill and inspiration to train harder and be better quickened my blood and amped me by seeing, first hand, the level of devotion and skill that goes into these ultimate athletes.  Each challenge requires patience and discipline!

David fights again on January 23.  Mama Sattva’s ghee keeps him going up to his fight day!  Follow him on FB and Instagram.  Click here for tickets! Come help us cheer him on!

David fell in love with the ghee and shares his knowledge of how to train by eating ultimately a warriors diet, of quality foods with plenty of fats!!  We sponsor David with ghee, to keep him well oiled for his fighting stamina and ultimate champion body, mind, and spirit!!  Below is a little bit more on David:  written in his own words:Davidbulletproofghee

Hi, my name is David Mitchell.  I grew up in Laytonville CA pop. 1200 Northern Mendocino County. After some college in Redding, Ukiah, and Chico and work at Sugar Bowl (ticket check/lift op), construction and heavy equipment and odd jobs.

David Mitchell, messing around with the ghee. He puts it in his "bulletproof" coffee!

David Mitchell, messing around with the ghee. He puts it in his “bulletproof” coffee!

An obsession with health and fitness and Martial sciences led me to discover MMA at age 23. I fought for Gladiator Challenge on July 8th, 2006 after one years training under legendary BJJ artist Dave Terrell. It was outside uncovered in 108F heat at Koncoti Vista Casino at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. I won by triangle Choke at 3:35 in the first round starting a 11 fights win streak capturing CageCombat and Tachi Palace titles at 185 and 170 lbs titles.  I had nine subs including an arm at at :28 seconds, a :54 second toe hold on Bobby Green (UFC),  mounted guillotine 1:06 for Tachi gold vs Tim Mckenzie and wins over The at ‘Tachi Kid’Poppies Martinez and War Machine.

At 11-0 I went to UFC in 2010 by finish a dismal 1-4 with sole win a UD but fighting top notch fighters on three continents and up clocking one hour and eight minutes of Octagon Time.

After my release in 2013 I moved to Sacramento and began training with Team Apha Male under Coach Joey Rodegez (boxing) and Fabio Prada (BJJ) and Donand Roberson on Muay Thai and all under Chief Urijah Faber!   I ran off seven straight wins beginning with Fernando Gonzalez by TKO in Feb 2014.  I captured the West Coast Fighting middleweight belt with another first round finish over Mat Major and rounded out 2014 with notable wins over GKO current middleweight champ Justin Baesmen and legend Jamie Jara both rd 1 RNC.

On Feb 5th 2015 I returned to the Palace defeating Angel DeAnda for the 185 title after fights at 170, 185, and 205!  Three weeks later I stepped up to heavyweight title holder WFC Dave Huckaba on ten day notice.  The WFC and ISIC HEAVYWEIGHT title fight at McClellan Conference Center on Febuary 28th 2015 was attended by over 5000 people and resulted one of the most memorable fights of my career pulling out a RNC victory in the second round.

I’ve also done charity work with the Grace Project benefiting special needs families. I’ve also passed out winter clothes with team Lana Egg Whites and tether sponsored athletes.  I’ve also taught anti-bully seminars at elementary schools across Northern California promoting  health and showcasing martial arts for fitness and self defense only!

My obsession with fitness, diet, and health has prompted me to drop back down healthfully to 170 started with a 175 catch weight battle vs Max Griffin in the biggest super fight in the region since Urijah in UFC taking place on January 23rd at West Coast Fighting 16 ‘King of Sacramento’!

I’ve also been a lighting rod for sponsors with a loyal following on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m also a father of a young son, an active personal and class martial arts instructor, shameless promoter, and family man. I was honored with the 2014 WFC fighter of the year and the prestigious CobraSource Athlete of 2015 that Max Griffin won last year.

I’ve also won many Bjj tournaments and I am a Dave Terrell Purple belt!

David Mitchell, with friends Julie Lindeman, and Indya Gage, CEO Mama Sattva, LLC.

David Mitchell, with friends Julie Lindeman, and Indya Gage, CEO Mama Sattva, LLC.

David Mitchell
IG davidmitchellmma
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