Cooking with Ghee

Ghee is considered a very stable, pure cooking oil and has a high smoke point of 375 degrees (Coconut oil is the only other cooking oil that can be safely heated to such high temps.).  Many vegetable oils are fragile and should not be heated at all.  Many people do not realize that heat changes the molecular structure of most oils and makes them impossible for the body to break down, clogging the liver.   The oils become toxic to the body and create free radicals responsible for aging.

Not only is ghee a healthy alternative to vegetable oils, ghee brings out the flavors and aromas of all spices and herbs, making everything taste better.

Put a tsp or Tbs in your heated pan and add your spices and herbs one at a time to the center of the pan until they pop or begin to brown slightly.  Push them to the outer edges of the pan and add more ghee and your veggies or other ingredients you are stir frying or cooking into the center of the pan.  Once the ghee has begun to absorb into your vegetables, stir in the herbs and spices from the edges of the pan.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more flavor your food has.  As you add more ingredients, just add more ghee along with it.  This will help unlock each new flavor and aroma creating an incredible savory dish out of the simplest of ingredients.

Ghee can replace all other oils and has amazing health benefits.  Cooking eggs with ghee and high quality mineral salt, with a pinch of fresh ground pepper is one of my ‘quickie’ favorites.

“May you experience the wholesome goodness of authentic quality ghee and may you elevate your cooking and eating experience to new levels of enlightenment as you share our ghee with your entire family and friends!!”
~Mama Sattva

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