Shatavari Ghee, Herb Infused Ghee

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 Shatavari Ghee supports female organs, heart health, and the immune strength.  Shatavari (literally translates to "she who possesses 100 husbands") promotes longevity and regulates female hormones.  It works as an anti-depressant, is an adaptogen, and has been known to help with nerve and back pain.  Shatavari alleviates PMS.  When taken regularly these herbs help slow down the aging process and strengthen the endocrine system.  Tulsi is also an important adaptogen (allows the body to handle stress) and opens the heart; aiding in love and devotion.  

Infusing herbs into the ghee (being a light/warm transport vehicle) is an efficient way to deliver their healing powers directly into the blood stream.

Ingredients: Pure cultured organic ghee from pasture-raised cows, organic Shatavari, Organic Tulsi (Holy Basil).

  • Dosage: Recommended to take 1/2tsp twice daily or more.

Mama Sattva's Shatavari ghee is made with a gentle (warm & slow) infusion of fresh dried, ground Shatavari and Tulsi for maximum potency into our fine cultured ghee. Each batch is made with care. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • It is best to store in a cool dark place.  Keep moisture and crumb-free. Avoid direct sunlight.   The herbal ghee has a shelf-life of two years (longer if refrigerated, but refrigerating is not required.) 

All of Mama Sattva's herbal ghee infusions can be taken taken by themselves, or stirred into tea or warm milk.

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