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Making the purest, most delicious ghee

I have to say, making the purest, most delicious ghee includes many variables, but the most important element is our gracious, beautiful cows. Reverence to the cows!! So Sattvic! Behold the holy cow bestows her gifts on us daily. Thank … Continue reading

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Enjoy The Magazine & The Store

Mama Sattva was fortunate enough to be written about in one of the North State’s best publications – Enjoy the Magazine. Full article If you have never been in their stores, it is well worth the trip!  I found the … Continue reading

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Ghee has a Higher Medicinal Value when the texture is GRAINY

Watch video with Maha Mrityunjaya mantra making ghee under the full moon.: Many first timers, new to tasting ghee are surprised at the grainy texture, which is much different from butter As a ghee maker, the gritty texture is difficult … Continue reading

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A Happy Ghee Customer Comments

………….    “Mama Sattva Ghee, quite fittingly, joins Tin Roof Bakery and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. on my list of enlightened Chico enterprises.  (Interestingly, their products consumed simultaneously would provide the palate with considerable pleasure. )Mama Sattva Ghee, as with the … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with Grass Fed?

Often our ghee customers will ask if our butter source is from grass-fed cows, and the answer is “yes” it is because our cows are eating a diet of mostly grass, foraging and being out on the range; however we … Continue reading

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Cooking with Ghee

Ghee is considered a very stable, pure cooking oil and has a high smoke point of 375 degrees (Coconut oil is the only other cooking oil that can be safely heated to such high temps.).  Many vegetable oils are fragile … Continue reading

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Mama Sattva’s Ghee

David Frawley is the author of over twenty books on the spiritual wisdom of India where he is recognized as a Pandit and a Vedic teacher.  I admire and follow his teachings.  In his book ‘The Yoga of Herbs’, co-authored … Continue reading

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Mama Sattva Ghee

Mama Sattva Ghee