Butyric Acid in GHEE heals the mind and body

Scientists have discovered that ghee has one of the greatest healing components for the human body: butyric acid (also called butyrate).  Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that has been proven to be profoundly beneficial not only for the mind, but also works to control metabolism, inflammation and stress.  It is an incredible source of energy.  

A recent study done by Dr. Jianping Ye showed that the harmful metabolic effects of a high-fat diet can be prevented and even reversed using a short-chain saturated fatty acid called, you guessed it, butyric acid.  He used a controlled experiment with mice where they were fed a high fat diet with butyrate but remained lean and avoided metabolic problems. His findings: ” Butyrate increased their energy expenditure by increasing body heat production and modestly increasing physical activity.  It also massively increased the function of their mitochondria, the tiny power plants of the cell.  Butyrate lowered their blood cholesterol by approximately 25 percent, and their triglycerides by nearly 50 percent. It lowered their fasting insulin by nearly 50 percent, and increased their insulin sensitivity by nearly 300 percent.”  To read the full article, click on the link: http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2009/12/butyric-acid-ancient-controller-of.html

I find this extremely fascinating. Ghee is rich in butyric acid!!  That is why you can eat so much of it, and you will have increased energy and not gain weight!!  It’s a healthy necessary saturated fat because of the short chain fatty acids.  That is just one component of the ghee.  The above link to the article, written by Stephan Guyenet, Biochemist and Ph.D. in Neurobiology also goes in to great detail about how butyrate suppresses inflammation in the gut and other tissues, increases resistance to metabolic and physical stress, and how butyrate sharply reduces the harmful effects of type 1 diabetes.  If you are interested in this process, I highly recommend that you read it!

Eat Ghee – Be Healthy – and PROSPER!!

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Mama Sattva


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Mama Sattva Ghee

Mama Sattva Ghee

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