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The Humble Origins of a Ghee Maker

Posted by Indya Gage on

I'm about to tell you the 'About' details in the story behind the making of Mama Sattva,......

Every morning I would wake before everyone else to make sure I could help my dad milk my Jersey cow, someone had gifted me at birth.  The winters were cold then with lots of snow. I remember the smell of manure mixed with sun-warmed hay as the early morning golden rays shone in through the high barn window facing East.  The scene was luminous.  We sat on the milking stool. The feel of my dad's warm hands wrapped over mine guided me as I learned the rhythm every milker knew.  Connecting with Linda, the wonder Jersey; I leaned my knitted cap-covered little toe-head against her side and listened to her breath.  There was a gentle squeeze from our bag-balm covered fingers; then a pull and slide down the teet.  The jubilant sound of the squirt in the bucket meant success.  Little did I know then, this was the humble foundation for a future that would bring me and many others great reward.  I remember carrying the much-too-large-for-me pail of milk into my mother proudly; steam rising from it as warm milk lapped over the rim soaking the side of my tiny cowgirl jeans.  Those were the days!   A great connection had begun, that would reawaken and guide me in a big way later in my life. 

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